The story of CrushGrind® Coffee

Grinding coffee has always had our interest as it would be a natural continuation to our CrushGrind® spice grinder technology.

The initial developments of CrushGrind® Coffee started back in the early 2000’s. We worked with various product developers over the years, without satisfactory results.

In 2012 we assigned Kristian Laegdsgaard to develop our coffee grinder. We shared 20 years of knowledge in ceramic manufacturing as well as our findings from working specifically with coffee grinding. Numerous prototypes and samples were meticulously studied. Our manufacturer in China was carefully guided on how to achieve a precise geometry of the ceramic grinding parts inside CrushGrind® Coffee - the heart of the invention.

Our ambition was to develop the most efficient ceramic grinder for whole coffee beans. We also wanted to achieve the right balance between output and force needed. Moreover we focused on the uniformity of ground coffee as it impacts the bitterness of the coffee.

The result is that CrushGrind® Coffee performs 2-5 times more efficiently than comparable market products. The coarseness can be set anywhere between French Press and Turkish quality.

CrushGrind® Coffee is a patent pending invention by IDEAS Denmark A/S.