About Us

CrushGrind® - the original ceramic mechanism


CrushGrind® is made by IDEAS Denmark A/S which was founded by Ken Muff Lassen in 1991.

The past 24 years we have revolutionized the grinding business. When we started all grinder mechanisms were made in either steel or plastic. Today ceramic grinders are considered the standard. We have sold more than 50 million ceramic grinders and our technologies are used worldwide by the leading brands of the industry.

IDEAS continue to be on a mission to upgrade the world of grinding.

CrushGrind® comes in many shapes, sizes and purposes ranging from salt & pepper to spices and now also coffee.

Our CrushGrind® Coffee technology is up to 5 times more efficient than other market products and can be used for all sorts of coffee ranging from French press, filter, espresso to Turkish coffee.

Try our Brazil Coffee Grinder and enjoy a freshly ground cup of coffee.