Gift set - Torino 30cm oak + organic pepper

In this gift set you get 1pcs Torino 30cm oak grinder and 4 jars of organic pepper from the Danish company Mandala Organic.

With this gift set you can make your own pepper blend, or just taste various delicious high quality pepper.

The 4 peppers are: Black pepper, Cubeb pepper, Rose pepper and Green pepper.

The Torino grinder is our star. The beautiful shape, the craftsmanship - and the beautiful oak with oil finish - just makes this product a winner.

The unique thing about this product is the EasyFill feature - how you fill the spice. Simply pull the stopper upwards - and you will have a funnel shaped entrance for filling the spice.

The grinder is mounted with the patented mechanism from CrushGrind®.

Only available for shipments within EU !

Please note that all wording on this gift box is in Danish.


EAN: 5712898001155